Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a Parent to my Upsies?

To add someone, you need to be close to the person you want to add. First, click on your Upsies, then select "Parents," and finally, click on "Add."

You can add someone as a Friend, Caregiver, or Parent and choose what permissions they have on your Upsies. 

What is Upsies API?

The Upsies API enables parents and caregivers to access the Starries product menu, allowing them to adjust various settings and their child's pose.

This functionality is particularly useful for bot babies, as it enhances the parent's roleplay experience by enabling them to change their baby's pose. Certain products also offer an "Auto-Play" feature, which cycles through different animations when the baby is seated, adding to the realism of the roleplay.

To use the Upsies API, the baby's Upsies setting must have the "Upsies API Settings" checked, granting permission to Friends, Caregivers, or Parents to utilize the Upsies API.

Do you sell the Upsies API scripts?

Currently, the Upsies API is not accessible to other creators as we are still testing and refining many features. We aim to make the Upsies API available to other selected creators once it reaches a stable state with fewer updates required.

Why are some of my outfits are not showing or not working?

This sometimes can be because your Upsies folder names have non-alphanumeric characters (A>Z & 0>9), Make sure you don't have any special characters in your folder names.

Why do I have a weird circle around my head while on LullaBeebs?

The alpha blending when worn can leave a weird glitch on Lullabeebs want you can do is change the system hair or try another hair alpha to hide this problem.

Remember to check you are running the latest version of Lullabeebs as this should have been addressed.

Why can't I deattach my Upsies?

Head to your Upsies settings and check to see if you have RLV Lock enabled.

RLV lock is for switching outfits and leaving your upsies on or for knowing Upsies is always attached.

Updating your Upsies should automatically unlock the old version and remove but sometimes second-life works in mysterious ways.

Why does body deattach everytime I or my Parent changes my outfit?

Unlike other outfit-enabled HUD's Upsies replaces everything and reattaches so items don't stack unless the same attachment point. This process can be a little slow but please be patient as this is a limitation of RLVa

I left the [Starries] VIP Group, can I get a refund?

The group price is non-refundable and this includes leaving. This included if you are ejected from the group for not following our community guidelines.

What's the latest version of Upsies?

Your Upsies automatically updates itself and sends when you log in but you can always restart your Upsies using the !RESTART! button.

If Baby is running on a bot account the parents will see you have an update in their menu.

How do my parents adjust my postion?

Friends, Caregivers & Parents can adjust your position via the ~Adjust~ button on the pose menu or you can do this yourself via your Grab me/Move me HUD.

Cling no-rez pick-ups are limited on how they can be adjusted and only the Baby can edit their own height.

I did not receive my Upsies, do you have redelivery?

If you bought your upsies from our in-world store you can redeliver your object by clicking the vendor and pressing *REDELIVERY*.

If your Upsies was bought via Marketplace then you can head to and search for "Upsies" and click the "Redeliver item" link.

Does Upsies work with Smartbots?

All though Upsies was never intended with bot babies, Upsies should work with Smart bots and most bot systems as long as they are running RLV

Get the RLV Support add-on here:

Where do you find the stroller in Upsies?
The stroller can be a pick-up option for the parent or a wearable version inside the extras menu for the baby.
Can you sit multiple babies on the stroller and shopping cart?
Two babies sitting works only while the stroller and shopping cart is being used as a pickup option. (the stroller's pose only works in flat mode) Just pick up the baby using the stroller or shopping cart option and sit the other baby on the object.
Why do I keep seeing messages in chat from my Upsies?
Seeing messages in local could mean you don't have RLV (Restrained Love viewer) enabled.

We recommend Firestorm viewer! See there helpful page on How to set up Restrained Love (RLVa)

If you do have RLV enabled, then disable RLVa > Debug > Show debug messages.
How do I get the Upsies menu?
First Baby needs to make have you added to their access by adding you as a friend, Caregiver or Parent. You can get the Upsies menu by clicking baby's head or by using "[Starries] Upsies Grab Me/Move Me HUD"
Parent selected pick-up but it did nothing?
Make sure the baby has RLV (Restrained Love viewer) enabled.

We recommend Firestorm viewer! See there helpful page on How to set up Restrained Love (RLVa)