[Starries] Presents Upsies!
Everything Helper & Pick-up HUD

Upsies! Everything Hud is the perfect way to carry your little one in Secondlife. Upsies! uses low scripts, is easy to use, and supports avatars of varied shapes and sizes. Designed with simplicity, family roleplay and ease of use in mind.
Web Controlled Settings

Baby can pick their favorite color, teleport locations and control settings for Friends, Caregivers and Parents via the simple settings page.
Easy to use Accessories

Push your little one around as easy as walking with the built in Stroller, Car Seat and Shopping Cart pick up options.
SNACKS! Drinks and More

Never let them go hungry again with many food and drink options build right in to Upsies and each set to babies favorite color! Each automatically attaches and self cleans when empty too.
Reward and Roleplay

Nurture and encourage good behavior with Stickers, Snacks and More. Roleplay timeouts, cover baby's eyes and ears.
Pick-up, Follow and Hug

Everything you need to pick up your little one from infants to children. Options to carry in no rez areas. Convenient hug and hold hand system built in.
The Upsies HUD is what the kids community has been dreaming of for over a decade, all packed into one amazing easy to use tool. From the pose variety to the different accessories, and the options for all sizes of children or carers this is the new staple that does it all!

- Upsies Tester

Upsies is amazing and wonderfully done and thought out!

- Upsies Tester

I definitely enjoy Upsies, it's so refreshing to have a HUD that is made around the community we have now. It's very much appreciated and I'm grateful for it!

- Upsies Tester

The Upsies settings page on the website is very nice! Much easier than popups inworld where you have to click through. You can see it all in one spot nicely on the website.

- Upsies Tester

Awesomely easy! The website makes it so easy

- Upsies Tester

I think Upsies is really easy to use. I love the categories it makes it easier to prevent people from abusing the HUD, especially punishments, when you don't fully trust them.

- Upsies Tester