Upsies! and #RLV Outfit Support...

RLV (Restrained Love viewer) is required for outfits
Upsies! and outfits requires RLV to work and will NOT work without it. Linden Lab's Official Second Life Viewer does not support RLV and the Upsies! and outfits will not work!

We recommend Firestorm viewer! See there helpful page on How to set up Restrained Love (RLVa)

Outfits First Time Setup
Outfits on Upsies don't work like other RLV helper HUDs as Upsies! fully changes your outfit by removing everything and reattaching like the viewers own outfit system.

#RLV Folder Setup...
Find under your inventory a folder named #RLV and right-click and click New Folder in the menu that shows up.

You will need two folders named "UpsiesOutfits" and "UpsiesExtras" as your Upsies! will search for these when looking for outfits.

UpsiesOutfits Uses sub-folders to change everything baby is wearing and will deattach everything baby is wearing and then attaches everything in the named folder picked.

UpsiesExtras Add objects to sub-folders here that can be easily attached and deattached from baby that are not included in the outfits folder (Like pacifiers and toys).

Making outfits for Upsies!
Anyone that already uses built-in viewer outfits can copy already made outfits from their outfits folder to UpsiesOutfits.

Making your own outfit using the viewer can be helpful for making Upsies! outfits! Just head to Avatar at the top of your viewer menu, Click Now wearing and your outfits window will open.

To make everything you are wearing an outfit, click Save As and name this folder something easy for parent to pick.

Then just head back to your inventory and drag your new outfit folder from Outfits to UpsiesOutfits. (Note: This will remove the folder from your viewers outfits folder. You can select everything inside the outfit folder and paste into a new folder inside UpsiesOutfits)

Enable Outfits
Make sure Baby has RLV Outfits enabled under their settings page. We have disabled outfit support for friends at the time but we are always open to suggestions!