Terms of service


By using the Service, you agree to and accept these Terms of Service, including all policies and terms linked to or otherwise referenced herein. If you do not so agree, you should decline this Agreement, in which case you are prohibited from accessing or using the Service.

Second life

Our service uses Second life features and we ask that you read and follow the agreement('s) listed on https://www.lindenlab.com/tos

Your Account

Using this site we provide you the services to log in and interact with our site, your account is owned by https://starries.co/ and with this your account should only be accessed by the owner of the second life account holder. We hold the right to remove any account without warning this means but not excluding media, databases and any other user created content between us ("You & starries.co").


starries.co is provided as a free to use service and any downtime and/or disruptions and/or loss of service with starries.co or between us ("starries.co") and Second life ("secondlife.com") is not in anyway responsible for reimbursing you.

Ownership of media

Although we host your media ("Profile Images" and/or "Textures") by providing us UUID ("Universally unique identifier") to your images we do not regulate if you own the right to use the media content. If we get contact via a DMCA claim we will remove the media in question effective immediately ("Without Warning").

Joining starries.co

By joining our site ("starries.co") agree that we can use second life search to download your profile image and getting other publicly available information from second life.

Using our Products

By Using our products in second life ("On the second life service provided by linden lab") you agree that we can collect UUID's ("Universally unique identifier") of other avatars around you this meaning as a scanner of nearby avatars while wearing and/or rezzed our products out.

Our Agreement

This agreement may change at any time without warning, it is your responsibly to check on this page ("https://starries.co/tos.php") for changes, as any new changes are agreed-upon on update.