5 months ago

Prologue Sounds of deafening explosions rocked the air, filling the atmosphere with the choking stench of smoke and dust. The once peaceful and quiet summer morning had turned into an apocalypse, some terrible doomsday. Daryl was taking cover behind whatever remained of the 8th feet wall that once surrounded Richmond Elementary.peering through the clearing fog, he could see his friend, Mason taking cover on the other side of the ruins. He motioned to Mason to stay down for a while. Mason nodded affirmatively. Daryl looked around, at the lifeless bodies on the floor, brave men and women with whom he had fought side by side for the past few months. They were all gone, save he, Mason, and a few others . “it wont be long before we joined them. I’m coming Sam. Got to stick around a little longer to ensure our little girl is safe”, whispered Daryl with his eyes closed. Gathering the last of the strength and courage he had left in him, Daryl picked up his gun and loaded in his last round of ammunition. He looked to the other side at Mason. “Any spare ammo” Mason asked. “just used the last one” answered Daryl. “Me too” said Mason. In a bid to distract the Titans, they had used up all of their explosive. Now they were the only line of defense standing between Richmond Elementary and the Titans. They had to move fast, before the Titans did. But any wrong move would be suicidal. There was no time to draw out strategies, only time to act. Daryl cocked his gun, jumped out of his hiding place and started out, firing at the heartless Tink- Tanks. Mason, inspired by the heroic deed of his friend jumped out in like passion, firing at the Titan closest to him. All the other dozen members of resistance followed suit, firing at anything that was made of steel. As they fired, they could hear their bullets ricocheting off the nano grade steel these Tin-devils were made of. Daryl and Mason were most lucky they didn’t get hit by some rebounding bullets that flew in their direction. They kept on pushing and shooting. All they wanted to really achieve was create enough distraction for the helicopters evacuating the chosen to be out of the titans’ reach. For Daryl, all he cared was that his Nadia was safe and sound, and for that, he was willing to give up a thousand lives. Daryl ran atop a bunker and jumped unto the back of one of the robots, a Titan, struggling to hold unto any available crevice he could find on the robot and screaming at the top of his voice, “you can’t have them. You’ll never have them”. The Titan rotated its head to the back, finding the human bug latched to it. With ease, it picked and flung him forward. Daryl hit the floor with such a heavy thump that left him slightly disoriented and in shock. At that moment, all of his life seemed to flash before his eyes. He saw pictures and heard voices. Different memories crept inside his head, Sam, Nadia, Mason, his former colleagues, the beautiful life he had and shared with his loved ones. Then, one last image crept up and kept coming closer. It was a Titan, the particular one he had jumped on. It moved towards him as if pissed. He knew this wasn’t one of his memories. It was real, and coming pretty fast. He still wasn’t out of the shock. All he could think of was his rifle. He picked it up and tried firing at the Titan, but he was out of Ammo. This should be it then thought Daryl . The Titan got in front of him and lifted up its foot to squash him. He just lay there….. blinking. Helplessly watching as this two-ton foot was looming over him about to stomp him.